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Mahere Pokapū o Silverdale

Silverdale Centre Plan

The Silverdale Centre Plan records actions and projects to steadily transform Silverdale over the next 30 years.

​What the Silverdale Centre Plan aims to do

Silverdale has been a place of considerable change and growth.

The Silverdale Centre Plan aims for:

  • better integration of the various parts of the centre
  • improved access and connections
  • upgrades to the quality of public spaces.

The plan outlines actions and projects to steadily transform Silverdale.

It also takes into account growth associated with the Millwater residential area, while retaining and enhancing its overall underlying character, heritage and vitality.

Considerations of the Silverdale Centre Plan

A wide range of previous and current planning, strategies, projects and policy work and previous community feedback has been considered in the development of this plan.

Target future outcomes of the Silverdale Centre Plan

The target future outcome is for Silverdale to be a safe and well‑connected place that offers a range of employment activities.

In the longer term Silverdale is to offer a range of housing opportunities, celebrate its distinctive character and reinforce its role as an important town centre on the Hibiscus Coast.

Progress on delivering the Silverdale Centre Plan

Since the Silverdale Centre Plan was adopted in 2015 significant progress has been made on:

  • adoption of Silverdale heritage-led character design guidelines
  • identification of Curley Avenue as a strategic walking and cycling corridor by the Supporting Growth Alliance (AT/NZTA).

We are working on a number of other actions, such as:

  • enhancing Silverdale Pioneer Village's physical integration with the wider area
  • improving public access opportunities to the Department of Conservation (DoC) scenic reserve.

Get a copy of the Silverdale Centre Plan

​For more information, email the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board or contact us.

Silverdale Heritage Led Character Design Guidelines

A key move of the Silverdale Centre Plan was to develop design guidance to support and strengthen the principles of heritage character led development, for both buildings and spaces in Silverdale.

These Silverdale Heritage Led Character Design Guidelines are the outcome from this key move, and have been adopted by the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board.

The guidelines can be taken into account when considering resource consent applications within the guidelines study area, and will help inform land owners considering development in the area.