He Takutaku

​Te reo

He huarahi ki te ao tūroa

I te tīmatatanga, ko Te Kore

Ko To Pō

Nā Te Pō

Ka puta Te Kukune

Ko Te Pupuke

Ko Te Hihiri

Ko Te Mahara

Ko Te Manako

Ka puta ki Te Whei Ao

Ki Te Ao Mārama

Tihewa mauri ora



In the beginning there was The Void

Within The Void was The Night

From within The Night, seeds were cultivated

It was here that movement began – The Stretching

There The Shoots enlarged and swelled

Then there was Pure Energy

Then there was The Sub-conscious

Then The Desire to Know

Movement from Darkness to Light, from conception to birth

From learning comes Knowing

I sneezed and there is life


Traditional Māori ways of knowing the world and the genealogy of creation begin with Io Taketake (The Originator) and evolve through different spheres of development until the present day. The recital above is an example of these spheres.