Te neke ki tētahi ōhanga manahau, whakahou, me te tohatoha hoki

Moving toward a more resilient, regenerative distributive economy

Our current economic model and the pursuit of growth at the expense of our natural environment and societal wellbeing is being increasingly challenged around the world. To deliver our climate goals there is a need for a more resilient economy that is regenerative, distributive, and enables Aucklanders to thrive.

​Sustainable Finance Forum (SFF)

The Aotearoa Circle Sustainable Finance Roadmap is a partnership of public and private sector leaders, committed to sustainable prosperity for Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Sustainable Finance Forum (SFF) is the first project launched by The Aotearoa Circle. It recognises the critical role of finance to achieve and accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy, and the need for a financial system that is fit for that purpose.

The aim of the project is to produce a ‘Roadmap for Action’ on how to shift New Zealand to a sustainable financial system – from one which focuses primarily on (often short term) financial wealth creation, to one that supports long-term social, environmental, and economic wellbeing.

The Interim Report from the SFF identified several key areas of focus, grouped into three themes:

  • changing the mindset
  • aligning the financial system
  • mobilising capital.

The ongoing work of the SFF to shift the New Zealand finance system will play a key role in supporting the delivery of this climate action plan.

As a founding partner of the Aotearoa Circle and a member of the SFF technical working group, Auckland Council will be supporting and enabling this transition.