Te Puāwaitanga o te Tātai me te ōhanga

Te Puāwaitanga ō te Tātai and economy

The economy actions have been developed in line with kaitiaki values.

Tōnuitanga is particularly relevant to the economy priority as a resilient, low carbon economy that incorporates circular and regenerative principles will support Māori whānau and Māori business ecosystems.

Enabling Tōnuitanga will progress the economic shift to a more regenerative, distributive, and thriving economy.

Specific Ngā Mahi a Te Ora / Wellbeing activities that relate to the economy priority

  • Establishment of a mana whenua climate office/think tank.
  • Intergenerational education programmes.
  • Sustainability report (supports the environment, wellbeing of individuals and communities and improved economy).
  • Use our dual knowledge systems to determine what it could look like for Tāmaki Makaurau.
  • Investment in opportunities for innovation and green technology (e.g. how we think about waste, energy, land use and transport).
  • Enabling whānau to prosper, be resilient and strong as we transition away from carbon dependence.
  • Education and training programmes for a regenerative economy.
  • Rangatahi creating innovative pathways for sustainable behaviour change.
  • Preparing and educating Māori communities, businesses and landowners for change.