Ngā tūtohu ikiiki

Indicators of progress for the transport priority

We use certain indicators to track the progress in each priority area of Auckland's Climate Plan. These indicators help us measure how well we are achieving our climate goals.

​How we measure progress for the transport priority

The main indicators of progress are called headline indicators. These provide information and insights about the areas where we have a strong focus and where we are taking action.

Headline indicators

The main (headline) indicators of progress for the transport priority are:

  • annual petrol and diesel sales
  • the average number of public transport trips per capita.

Other indicators

  • The total annual number of public transport trips.
  • The number of electric and hybrid vehicles in Auckland's light vehicle fleet.
  • The annual number of cycling trips in selected areas.
  • The percentage of people aged 15 years and over cycling to work (cycling mode share).
  • The percentage of people 15 years and over walking to work (walking mode share).

Progress of all headline indicators is reported in the annual progress reports.

Progress of all other indicators is reported every three years.

Read about the progress made so far

For more information and to read our annual progress reports visit Progress made on Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri.