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Where you live video transcript

Back to community safety and support.

[video: upbeat music with a guitar melody plays in the background. Manu Pihama, Kristal Pihama and their two children, a young boy and a young girl, smile at the camera. A title appears stating, ‘Keeping you Safe where you live’. View of residential apartments. Pihama family playing cards around a table in the kid's playroom.]

I've always been attracted to living in big cities.

[video: Kristal and Manu Pihama are sitting and looking at the camera with Kristal speaking. Kristal is wearing a red long-sleeved top and Manu is wearing a black t-shirt. A title appears at the bottom right stating, ‘Kristal & Manu Pihama. City Centre Residents’.]

The excitement and the vibrance and the energy.

[video: shot of the Pihama family walking towards the camera up the street. The boy is on Manu’s shoulders and the girl is riding a bicycle. Kristal is holding the boy’s scooter. Close-up shots of the family's faces as they smile.]

From a family perspective, we work here, the kids do their schooling here.

[video: view of the pedestrian area in Wynyard Quarter with people biking and walking along the street. Manu pushes his son on the swing. Son running around the playground. Kristal watches her children on the playground and smiles and claps as her daughter hangs from monkey bars.]

There's a lot of families in the area that are out and about feeling safe because there are other people around enjoying the space that we've got outside.

[video: view of the children at the top of a large playground structure with slides coming down either side. Kristal and Manu sitting down and waving up at their children.]

Hi! Hi. Hello up there.

[video: children arrive at the bottom of the slide smiling. Kristal and Manu looking at the camera with Manu speaking.]

We've had a bit of a situation where a car park next to one of the new apartments had some activity going on at night where people were drinking.

[video: Manu speaking with two policemen outside his building of residence. Shot of policeman speaking. Close-up of Manu speaking. Close-up of policeman nodding.]

One of the apartment residents sort of reached out and said, hey, you know, this is going on outside my window, I'm not happy about it.

[video: shot of Manu speaking with the two policemen.]

I did a call out across everyone and just told the community to come together.

[video: close-up of Manu speaking. Policeman smiling.]

Part of that was connecting with council and then connecting with you guys which is really awesome.

[video: person holding phone displaying the Auckland Council’s website on the ‘Community safety and support’ page. Person scrolling down and selecting ‘Anti-social Behaviour’ with descriptive text shown below.]

I think this idea of a safety hub is a positive for the residents in terms of having the one point where we can connect into.

[video: Pihama family walking down the pedestrian area in Wynyard Quarter. A store sign of Gelatimo. Pihama family sitting on a bench eating ice cream with the harbour behind them. Close-up of children eating ice cream.]

Seeing some change as a result of that feedback will be what really helps people feel more safe.

[video: close-up of Manu and his daughter eating ice cream. Close-up of Kristal smiling. A dog walker with eight dogs on leashes. Dog walker heading down the street, away from the camera with Kristal and her children looking and pointing.]

We’ll feel more empowered to speak up and take control over how we want our community to continue to develop.

[video: Kristal and Manu looking at the camera with Manu speaking.]

I think we've really put some roots down here.

[video: shot of the Pihama family's apartment with Manu and Kristal in the background on their deck. Manu and Kristal are seen drinking coffee through a glass window. Manu and Kristal looking at the camera with Manu speaking.]

We feel quite connected to this space with the kids coming through the schooling so we would love to be here in the future.

[video: a white screen with the Auckland Unlimited logo appearing. The text below reads, ‘Keeping you and your family safe’.]

Duration: 1 minute 23 seconds