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​While you study video transcript

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[video: upbeat music with a guitar melody plays in the background. A faded video of young adults Khooshi Patel and James Tapp smiling at the camera. Khooshi is wearing a tan coat and James is wearing a red shirt that is undone with a white t-shirt underneath. Both are wearing jeans and have an across-the-shoulder bag. A title appears stating, ‘Keeping you Safe while you study’. Auckland’s Queen St with buses, cars, people crossing the street and orange cones in the background. Khooshi Patel sitting and speaking to the camera next to James Tapp who is standing. Title appears on the bottom right side of the screen stating, ‘Khooshi Patel & James Tapp. AUT Students’.]

I'm currently living in the city so so far I've just been loving it.

[video: train coming towards the screen, heading into Britomart. Khooshi walks down the stairs of the train station. Close-up shot of Khooshi scanning her Auckland Transport HOP card.]

There have been a couple of bad experiences where I've just felt slightly uncomfortable.

[video: view of the inside of the train with passengers in the background. Hand holding a phone displaying Auckland Council’s website on the ‘Community safety and support’ webpage. Thumb scrolls down and selects ‘Public transport safety’. Text detailing safety information. Khooshi walking off the train and into the train station.]

The safety hub, it's great because if there's an issue that you see or certain way you're feeling because of something, you can text them which is good to know cause if I'm feeling unsafe there's something that I can do about it.

[video: red CityLink bus driving down the street. James Tapp wearing a mask on the bus. Long shot of Khooshi and James walking up the street with shops and other pedestrians in view.]

As more people return to the city, there'll be a higher sense of safety.

[video: medium close-up of James and Khooshi crossing the road and talking. Khooshi and James looking at the camera with James speaking. Two male security guards in high-vis vests are walking down the street. A close-up of the vest displays the logos of Heart of the City Auckland and Auckland Council. Security guards walking down the street away from the camera with one waving to somebody he knows. The back of their high-vis vests reads ‘CityWatch’.]

More people feel that they’re part of a community again where people are really coming together and enjoying what the city has to offer.

[video: long shot of Khooshi walking up the street towards the camera. Medium close-up of Khooshi walking and looking sideways. Khooshi and James looking at the camera with Khooshi speaking.]

I just really like the environment around me so I'm planning to stay in the city for a while longer, yeah.

[video: a white screen with the Auckland Unlimited logo appearing. The text below reads, ‘Keeping you safe while you study’.]

Duration: 54 seconds