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While you work video transcript

Back to community safety and support.

[video: upbeat music with a guitar melody plays in the background. A faded video of Karangahape Road, Auckland, with a car driving by and pedestrians. A title appears stating, ‘Keeping you Safe while you work’. A building with the words Karangahape Road. People walking and hanging out on the street. A street crossing with a large rainbow on the road and people walking across.]

Karangahape Road’s the place where everyone comes to strut their stuff.

[video: close up of the rainbow road crossing and people's shoes as they walk. Two ladies eating lunch together inside a cafe. A metal street ornament of a person playing tug-of-war with a little pig.]

Really strong rainbow community, a lot of creative people, a lot of creative industries.

[video: Jamey Holloway walking down the street towards the camera. Close-up of Jamey looking towards a store and waving.]

With the Covid lockdowns, the city has gotten out of rhythm.

[video: Jamey Holloway speaking to the camera. Title appears bottom left reading, “Jamey Holloway. CEO, Karangahape Road Business Association”. Cars driving down the street. View of the top of a bus driving down the street with shop buildings in the background.

Just with you know, much lower pedestrian numbers and things like that and that's created worry around safety.

[video: three security men walking down the street with their backs to the camera. They are wearing high-vis and a close-up of the company name reads ADS Security. Close-up of the man in the middle’s face with little facial expression as he walks down the street.]

On Karangahape Road, we employ a professional security company.

[video: Jamey Holloway speaking to the camera. The security men talking on the street and one is holding a phone. A close-up of the man looking down at his phone before scrolling down with his thumb. He has tattoos on his arm and fingers. Security guard pointing down the street away from the camera.]

Most times there's a team of two on the street just responding to issues and all the business owners are connected up on a WhatsApp channel.

[video: a long shot of the three security guards walking upstairs. A medium close-up of the guards walking towards the camera. Jono Thevenard is sitting down wearing a red beanie and a brown hoodie. Jono is speaking to the camera. A title appears on the bottom right-hand side of the screen reading ‘Jono Thevenard. Chef & Co-owner, Pici restaurant’.]

The KBA, we've been able to extend the hours of the security and we've all put in some money towards that which has been great.

[video: a hand holding a phone displaying Auckland Council’s website on the ‘Community safety and support’ web page. The thumb scrolls down and the ‘Property damage’ information is selected.]

We've got some items that have been left on the footpath.

[video: James Holloway standing with another man speaking on the phone on a street corner. A mattress and bedding are on the street. A close-up of both men. A truck driving around the corner with an Auckland Council logo on the door.]

Would you be able to arrange for an urgent collection with your contractor, please?

[video: two people in orange high-vis pick up the mattress. A man wearing gloves throws the mattress into the back of the truck. Close-up of man’s face displays effort with moving the mattress.]

I think the new safety hub is an opportunity to make some of those connections easier for people.

[video: close-up of hand holding a phone and selecting ‘Property damage’. Descriptive text below the following titles ‘Graffiti vandalism’, ‘Street cleanliness’, and ‘Motorways’ is seen. Man in high-vis in a park and leaning over a wooden bench. Close-up of a sanding device removing graffiti. Man spraying and polishing the steel armrest of the bench.]

I think anything that makes those resources more explicit, more available, more accessible, is going to be a good thing.

[video: a neon sign reading ‘Otautahi Tattoo’ in the mirror reflection. The sound of a tattoo gun is heard. Cup with purple liquid being dispersed into a clear liquid. Rihana Rehen sitting down in the tattoo studio and speaking to the camera. She is wearing a pink ribbed long sleeve top and has pink and blue hair. A title appears on the bottom left-hand side of the screen reading, ‘Rihana Rehen. Manager, Ōtautahi Tattoo’.]

The safety hub would be great for our business just to protect customers and staff.

[video: a man with a cap in a black hoodie is working on his laptop. A view of the laptop screen with an image of rapper, The Notorious B.I.G. A close-up of someone getting a tattoo on their hand. The tattooist is wearing black gloves. The tattoo revealed is a black and red square design. It is wiped and pressed with tissue paper. A close-up of the tattoo artist and his big smile.]

Listening to other people's like stories about how they deal with situations as well will definitely help.

[video: a view of a red CityLink bus on the street as pedestrians cross the road. The three security guards wave at someone in a shop as they walk down the street. Jamey Holloway speaking to the camera.]

I think safety comes from being part of a crowd or part of a community. I think there is a crowd, there is a community there.

[video: a white screen with the Auckland Unlimited logo appearing. The text below reads, ‘Keeping you safe while you work’.]

Duration: 1 minute 32 seconds