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Pay your waste services invoice

Who this applies to

If you have requested a change or upgrade of your rubbish, recycling or food scraps bin during the rating year, you will be invoiced separately from your rates bill.

If this is an ongoing charge, it will be added to your rates bill from the following rating year.

How to pay your waste services invoice


 By internet banking

​You can pay your bin invoice via internet banking as a one-off payment.

You will need to enter the following information:

  • Payee name: Auckland Counc OR Bank account number: 12-3113-0131289-00
  • Particulars: company or customer name
  • Code: your contract ID number
  • Reference: your invoice number

If you are paying from an overseas bank, the swift code is ASBBNZ2A.

Cover all the bank fees as part of your payment to ensure we receive the full invoiced amount. 

 In person

​You can pay by cash, eftpos or credit card at any of our service centres.

Credit cards will incur a 1.75 per cent charge.

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