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Aotea / Great Barrier Island – ngā kōwhiringa me ngā utu mō ngā ipupara me ngā ipupara hangarua

Aotea / Great Barrier Island – Rubbish and recycling bin options and charges

Rubbish bin and recycling crate collection is available only to properties with suitable road access. Alternative crate options are unavailable for Aotea / Great Barrier Island.

Rubbish bins and bags in service

The Aotea / Great Barrier Island rubbish bin is green with a red lid and comes in 240-litre, 120-litre and 80-litre sizes. Rubbish bags are red and 60-litre or 40-litre in size.

Bin requests

See Request bin repair or report a missing bin to get a bin replaced or to fix a broken bin.

See Request a bin for a new property and other bin services to order a new bin for your new property.

Use Request a different sized bin online form to swap your bin for a different size. 

Price of official council rubbish bags

Pricing may vary by area and between retailers. These are the recommended retail prices (RRP).

Read fee table.
Bag sizeSingle bag price (RRP)Pack of five bags price (RRP)

You should know

Rubbish bag prices are higher for the Hauraki Gulf islands to cover the cost of transporting large amounts of recyclables and rubbish to the mainland for disposal.

​Where to buy official council rubbish bags

You can buy our orange rubbish bags from:

Recycling crate in service

Aotea / Great Barrier Island recycling crates are yellow and only available in a 60-litre size.

New waste service charges

Read fee table.
Month bins orderedRecycling and 80L rubbish bin (pro-rata charge)Recycling and 120L rubbish bins (pro-rata charge)Recycling and 240L rubbish bins (pro-rata charge)
July 2023$299.28$328.48$442.60
August 2023$276.61$303.60$409.07
September 2023$253.93$278.71$375.54
October 2023$231.26$253.83$342.01
November 2023$208.59$228.94$308.48
December 2023$185.92$204.06$274.95
January 2024$163.24$179.17$241.42
February 2024$140.57$154.29$207.89
March 2024$117.90$129.40$174.36
April 2024$95.23$104.52$140.83
May 2024$72.55$79.63$107.30
June 2024$49.88$54.75$73.77

​Bin exchange fees

You will need to pay a one-off fee of $40 to exchange your bin.

Read fee table.
Month bin orderedExchange rubbish bin from 80L to 120L (pro-rata charge)Exchange rubbish bin from 80L to 240L (pro-rata charge)Exchange rubbish bin from 120L to 240L (pro-rata charge)
July 2023$29.20$143.32$114.12
August 2023$26.99$132.46$105.47
September 2023$24.78$121.61$96.83
October 2023$22.57$110.75$88.18
November 2023$20.35$99.89$79.54
December 2023$18.14$89.03$70.89
January 2024$15.93$78.18$62.25
February 2024$13.72$67.32$53.60
March 2024$11.50$56.46$44.96
April 2024$9.29$45.60$36.31
May 2024$7.08$34.75$27.67
June 2024$4.87$23.89$19.02

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