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Ngā tohutohu ratonga kohinga pararopi – kore

Inorganic collection service guides



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How to get rid of unwanted items to get rid of unwanted itemsFind out the disposal options for each type of waste or unwanted item.aspxRecycling
On your inorganic collection day your inorganic collection dayFind out where and when to put out your inorganic items for collection.aspxInorganic waste
If we missed your inorganic collection we missed your inorganic collectionFind out what to do if your inorganic material was not collected.aspxInorganic waste
Edit or cancel your inorganic collection booking or cancel your inorganic collection bookingFind out how to edit your inorganic collection booking details or cancel your booking.aspxInorganic waste
Inorganic collections for units and apartments collections for units and apartmentsInformation on booking an inorganic collection when you live in a multi-unit development or apartment building.aspxInorganic waste
How to dispose of weeds to dispose of weedsYou need to be careful when disposing of weeds. Check which transfer stations accept green waste or have a garden company collect the weeds you removed.aspxBiosecurity