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Working on or around protected trees

Ko te mahi i waenga ake, horapa noa rānei i te rākau rāhui

​Get a resource consent to work on or around protected trees

You should know

If a tree is protected through district plan rules, you will need to apply for a resource consent to cut it down, work around it, trim or prune it, as the work may destroy it or cause irreparable damage to it.
If you do not obtain a consent, we may fine you up to $250,000, under the Resource Management Act, for the works near a protected tree, like:
  • excavation
  • construction (including decks, fences and retaining walls)
  • depositing material
  • storing material beneath branches and around roots, and other.

​Get an arborist's report for extensive works

If the works you are proposing are extensive and you need a resource consent, you may also need an arborist's report written by a qualified arborist

The arborist report should include at the minimum:

  • the infringements Auckland Unitary Plan
  • any existing cleared area on site in square meters
  • any proposed vegetation clearance levels in square meters
  • all affected proposed vegetation identified and located on a tree site plan (in bush sites include bush lines and plot canopy species)
  • Outline of proposal and construction methodology, including machinery use and access
  • Arboricultural assessment on these works (effects on vegetation)
  • suggested tree protection methodologies
  • (Kauri Dieback) measures
  • proposed replanting and maintenance schedule
  • weed control.

If you would like to carry out works to or around protected trees, you may also need documents like, an ecological and/or landscape report.

Get professional advice

If you are planning to work on or around protected trees, visit the New Zealand Arboricultural Association (NZ Arb) for advice on engaging a professional.