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Auckland Council Local body elections

Rapuhia tōu poari ā-rohe me tōu rohe

Find your local board and ward

In the 2022 local elections you will vote for your new mayor, local board members and ward councillors. You can use your address to find the candidates standing for these roles in your local board and ward areas.

Why you need to know your local board and ward

Know who you are eligible to vote for

When voting in the Auckland local election, you can vote for the:

  • mayor — who is elected across the Auckland region
  • ward councillors — who will sit on the Governing Body
  • local board members — to represent your residential area.

About local boards and wards

The Auckland region is divided into 13 wards and 21 local boards. See How Auckland Council works for more information about how decision-making works for the Auckland region.

Use our finder if you don't know your local board and ward.

If you are nominating a candidate

Candidates for the local elections are required to have two nominators to support their nomination.

If you want to nominate a candidate, you must be enrolled in the exact ward or local board (subdivision) that the candidate wants to represent.

Find your local board and ward

Use this finder and your home address to locate which ward and local board you are eligible to vote in.

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