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Te Hōtaka tukunga pūtea kaupapa ā-Takiwā

About the Regional Events Fund Grants Programme

​Benefits that regional events provide

  • Build a sense of connection among Auckland's diverse and regionally dispersed communities and special interest groups.
  • Develop pride in and enjoyment of Auckland.
  • Regional economic multiplier effects, i.e. audiences attracted to regional events will normally spend money on transport, kai and sometimes tickets and products associated with the event.
  • Add to the vibrancy of life in Auckland with the diverse range of opportunities in a region-wide annual event calendar.

Check your eligibility for a Regional Events Fund Grant

To meet the criteria for a 'regional event' set out in the Events policy, an event:

  • delivers regional objectives that the governing body sets
  • helps to deliver on Auckland-wide strategies, such as strategies for sport and recreation, and arts and culture
  • offers a distinctive event proposition for our region
  • demonstrates that it draws from a regionally-distributed audience (for example, that the event appeals to a specific demographic or interest group throughout the Auckland region)
  • demonstrates a size and scale that is regionally significant
  • has a region-wide and possibly national profile (as demonstrated through media and wide public awareness)
  • demonstrates that there will be clear benefits from coordinating decisions at a region-wide level (e.g. holding an event at many sites across our region to ensure regional distribution, attract sponsors, and market and promote the whole region).

Our tip

To be categorised as an Auckland regional event, besides eligibility for regional grants, the event should also help deliver on Auckland-wide strategies such as for sport and recreation, arts and culture.

​Regional Events Fund application guidelines

For information on eligibility, illegibility and completing a funding application, see the:

See Regional Events Fund to find out more about when funding rounds open and how to apply. 

How grants are allocated

Event grants awarded through the regional funds will normally be made on an annual basis.

A limited number of events may be considered for multi-year funding.