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Candidates for the local elections 2022 have been announced.
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3. What happens when you arrive

When you arrive, the hearings advisor will note your attendance and you will take a seat in the public seating area.

At the start of the hearing, the chairperson will introduce the panel and council staff and will outline the procedure for the hearing.

When it is time for you to speak, you will be asked to come to the table to present your submission.

Notified applications, such as a resource consent or a plan changes, are usually heard by independent commissioners.

For a council consultation, it is likely your submission will be heard by elected representatives. This can include local board members, councillors and Independent Maori Statutory Board members.

The names of those on the hearing panel will be included on the front page of the hearing agenda.

Our staff will be there to take notes or provide answers to specific questions.


Our tip

Hearings are public meetings, so any members of the public  including the media  can attend to observe.
We will inform you at the start of the hearing if the hearing is filmed or recorded.