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4. Who will be at the hearing

Who attends the hearing, depends on the type of hearing.

Notified applications, such as a resource consent or a plan changes, are usually heard by independent commissioners.

For a council consultation, it is likely your submission will be heard by elected representatives. This can include local board members, councillors and members of Houkura, formerly known as the Independent Māori Statutory Board.

The names of those on the hearing panel will be included on the front page of the agenda for the hearing.


Independent commissioners

We appoint decision-makers from a pool of 52 independent commissioners and they are among the government-listed certificate holders.

If you need more information about individual members, email

What independent commissioners do

Commissioners conduct hearings on various matters, including:

  • resource consent applications
  • plan changes
  • notices of requirement
  • bylaws and dispensations
  • reserve management plans
  • policies where the Special Consultative Procedure is used, and
  • other hearings as determined by the Regulatory Committee.

Commissioners may also be appointed as duty commissioners, acting under delegated authority to consider and make decisions on:

  • resource consent applications (including notification determinations)
  • notices of requirement and outline plan of works
  • section 125 applications
  • section 127 applications
  • section 37 and other matters that do not require a hearing.