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Ngā mahi parama, ngā taputapu wai, parakore hoki kei tētahi tūnga pakihi kai

Plumbing, water and sanitary fixtures at a food business site

All plumbing and sanitary fixtures must be installed in line with the Building Act 2004.

Toilets at food business sites

You must provide toilet facilities for staff and customers, to comply with the Building Act 2004.

  • Toilets must comply with the Building Code.
  • Toilets should not open directly into any areas where kai is handled, displayed or stored.

Hand wash basins

Food business sites must have an adequate number of hand wash basins with warm running water and supplies for cleaning, sanitising and drying of hands.

If your food business site does not have hand wash basins, you must provide another suitable means of cleaning, sanitising and drying hands


If you are using dishwashers, they must be operated and serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Your food business site must have adequate facilities and appliances for cleaning and sanitising the site, facilities, fixtures and appliances.

Eliminate risk of cross contamination

Consider your food activity and determine how you will eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

A wash hand basin should not be used for cleaning facilities, fixtures and appliances.

You need to separate these activities, so that the food business can adequately meet the goal of hand hygiene as per the risk based measure.

You need to provide:

  • a sink for washing and preparing food

  • a sink for plate, crockery and cutlery rinse and wash

  • a cleaner’s sink for emptying and filling buckets for cleaning of large appliances, floors and toilets and for mop rinsing if applicable.

Potable water supply

Your food business site must have an adequate supply of potable water.

Water must be available at a volume, pressure and temperature that is suitable for the purpose.

You can use a non-potable water supply if you can demonstrate there will be no adverse effect on food safety.

The capacity of the water supply to the food business site must be adequate for the operations of the food business.

Hot water supply

A hot water system must provide the necessary temperatures and capacity for effective washing of equipment, fixtures and the site.


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