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Herald Island Path

Walking time 40 mins

Walking steps 3510 steps

Distance 2.7 km

Starts at 46 Ferry Parade, Herald Island

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About the path

A family-friendly walk or ride exploring Herald Island, a small community with just 275 households and six fantastic reserves.

This loop around the island has beautiful views of the Waitemata Harbour in all directions. There is a museum and a library in the middle of the island.

Start the path at Herald Island Domain, where you'll also find a playground and plenty of space for kids to play on the grass. Dedicated car parks are available at the wharf and at Christmas Beach, although these are likely to be busy in summer.

At the furthest tip of the island you'll find Pahiki Reserve. Stop for a moment to admire the great views and rest at the picnic table. Public toilets are available here. Take a one minute detour down to the wharf to spot boats and maybe even do some fishing. Access is via a short set of stairs between Pahiki Reserve and Twin Wharf Road.

Continue to Christmas Beach using the access path by 2 Twin Wharf Road. Christmas Beach is a lovely little beach with a beachfront playground that will keep little ones happy.

Continue along the beach path then onto the footpath to reach the other end of Herald Island. If it is low tide, consider walking around the coast between Kingsway Reserve and Duncan Rise (rather than the Ferry Road footpath route). It is a bit muddy - children will love it. There are several access points to the water, pick one that suits you, follow along for a bit and return to Ferry Parade.

The path is mostly flat and not too challenging. It is fairly long if you are walking, but if you would like something shorter you can always plan to see half the island rather than doing the full loop.

The route is mostly on the footpath, with some areas of grass and sand. These can become a bit boggy if the weather has been wet, so consider old shoes or gumboots on wetter days. You can always take the footpath route instead if the grass and sand tracks are too wet for walking, cycling or pushchairs.


  • Drinking fountain
  • Playground
  • Public toilet

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