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Te Ara Hono / Glen Eden to Kaurilands Path

Walking time 60 mins

Walking steps 3640 steps

Distance 2.8 km

Starts at 145 West Coast Road, Glen Eden

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About the path

Discover Glen Eden village on foot, before joining up with the peaceful Waikumete Stream walkway and finishing in Ōkaurirahi / Kaurilands Domain. You'll be walking on footpaths and gravel walkways.

Start at the Glen Eden train station.

Cross West Coast Road and head down the archway between shops that runs to Glenmall Place. The water feature represents the stream that once ran through here.

Turn right to reach Glendale Road. You'll see two interesting buildings - the red brick Playhouse Theatre and the stylish contemporary library building. An impressive Māori pou whenua (marker column) stands by the library, marking the rohe (tribal area) of Te Kawerau a Maki.

The Playhouse Theatre used to be the Glen Eden town hall (opened in 1937), and then a cinema called the Star Theatre.

Wander along Oates Road then turn right onto Captain Scott Road. Nearby Harold Moody Reserve is a short detour from here, and offers public toilets and a playground.

From Captain Scott Road, turn right into Savoy Road which links to the Waikumete Stream walkway. There’s a nice spot for a picnic next to the Four Winds kinetic sculpture by Daniel Blanshard, a Titirangi sculptor.

The streamside walkway is a part of Project Twin Streams, an ongoing restoration project established in 2003 to improve water quality in Waitākere streams.

Follow the streamside walkway to the Inver Street entrance to Ōkaurirahi / Ceramco Park, looking out for native bush and kauri. Ceramco Park was established on the site of a former clay pit, where clay was excavated from this site to make sewer pipes and pottery.

There's a short diversion to your right if you're interested in viewing the ceramic insets designed by artist Peter Lange.

Take the left fork in the walkway, walking past the children’s playground, skatepark and public toilets.

Halfway along Ceramco Park, you’ll notice the walkway going down to the stream, and changing to a gravel surface. There are two bridges across the stream, each decorated with interpretive signs about native animals, designed by local school children.

The path ends at Kaurilands Domain. You can turn back and retrace your steps, or continue to the Te Ara Hono Path along Atkinson Road to reach Titirangi village.


  • Drinking fountain
  • Library
  • Playground
  • Public toilet
  • Skate park
  • Sports field

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