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Ōhinerau / Mt Hobson Path

Walking time 30 mins

Walking steps 2600 steps

Distance 2 km

Starts at 229 Remuera Road, Remuera

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About the path

Ōhinerau / Mt Hobson is one of the many volcanic maunga (mountains) in Auckland and you can get to it easily by bus or train – with the Remuera train station being a short ride from the city centre.

Ōhinerau is an ancient Māori name for the maunga and means the place of Hinerau, goddess of whirlwinds.

In pre-European times, this maunga was a large Māori pā (fortified village settlement) and it is estimated that around 1000 people lived on the pā at the height of its occupation. The pā had a single strong point at the tihi (summit), defended by large terraces which also held many houses, storehouses and storage pits.

Though damaged by quarrying and water reservoir construction, remnants of the pā terraces and pits are still clearly visible around the crest of the maunga. Historic midden deposits from the pā containing shells of cockles, pipi, cat’s-eye, scallop, obsidian and bone can be seen in the dirt banks as you walk the track to the summit. These are important archaeological features. Do not disturb the midden and do not enter the historic pits.

Tread carefully and stick to the formal tracks and sealed paths where they exist.

Access the main path off Remuera Road. The path to the tihi has recently been upgraded and is a mixture of gravel, steps and mown grass.

The half hour walk is a steep climb in places, but you’ll be rewarded with great views of several other maunga including Maungarei / Mt Wellington and Maungawhau / Mt Eden.

Once you reach the tihi, head down the other side of the maunga, exiting onto Mount Hobson Lane. Finish the walk turning left onto Mount Hobson Road and left again onto Market Road to complete the loop. Dogs must be on a lead at all times.

Ōhinerau / Mt Hobson is one of 14 Tūpuna Maunga (ancestral mountains) co-governed by the Tūpuna Maunga Authority.

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