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Te Atatū Playground Path

Walking time 40 mins

Walking steps 3380 steps

Distance 2.6 km

Starts at 27 Cellarmans Street, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

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About the path

A family-friendly walk in Te Atatū Peninsula with plenty to keep the children interested, great harbour views and even some local history.

The paved path is suitable for bringing a pram and for wheelchair users. The walk is pretty flat, except a steeper section in the last part.

Start in Lone Tree Park. Kids can burn off some energy by climbing, balancing and swinging at the playground.

Follow the path along the footpath of quiet streets and through local reserves. There are great views of the harbour and Auckland city skyline.

During WWII, anti-aircraft guns were planned to be installed next to Gunner Drive, to protect western airfields from aerial attack by enemy aeroplanes. But by the time the Te Atatū gun emplacements were to be completed, the Japanese were in retreat and the guns were never installed.

Stay on the path around the edge of Harbourview-Orangihina Reserve (rather than following the path down into the reserve).

Finish at scenic Harbourview Beach Reserve. Enjoy great harbour views, and a play space along the harbour for kids to run around or fly a kite. There are picnic tables and public toilets located here.

If you want to keep exploring, continue walking north on the Harbourside Path and try to spot native birds like dotterel, pūkeko and tōrea (oystercatchers).


  • Playground
  • Public toilet

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