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Conifer Grove Path

Walking time 45 mins

Walking steps 3250 steps

Distance 2 km

Starts at Brylee Drive Reserve, Brylee Drive, Conifer Grove

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About the path

A fantastic family-friendly walk along the coast and wetland in Conifer Grove.

The two playgrounds, at the start and finish points, will keep children happy as they accompany you on the walk.

The path is mostly concrete, gravel and boardwalk - great for bringing the pram and for small children riding bikes. There are a few small inclines along the path, but nothing too challenging.

Start at Brylee Drive Reserve, where you'll find the first children’s playground.

The path starts as a boardwalk through the scenic wetland. Children will enjoy spotting ducklings at the pond.

The route continues along the coast. Don't miss walking to the end of the small pier off the boardwalk, to take in views of the glittering Manukau Harbour.

Look out for aeroplanes taking off or landing in the distance as you walk.

Finish your walk at Walter Strevens Reserve, where children can let off some steam at the second playground before returning to the starting point.


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