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Hellyers Creek Path

Walking time 60 mins

Walking steps 7800 steps

Distance 6 km

Starts at 120 Beach Haven Road, Beach Haven

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About the path

A fantastic scenic walk in coastal Beach Haven.

Start at Shepherds Park, near the children’s playground. There's a great fitness trail if you're keen to combine your walk with an outdoor workout.

Follow the path around the sports fields then into the regenerating bush. The walk is undulating with some stairs to climb, and a few exposed tree routes to negotiate.

Enjoy the lovely views from the lookout over Oruamo/Hellyers Creek. You can just make out Hobsonville Point in the distance.

See if you can spot any eels in the creek! At low tide, the mud flats support feeding birds.

The walkway continues around the coast and emerges back onto Beach Haven Road.

If you want a shorter walk, you can cut through Paragon Avenue and Melba Street and loop back to Shepherds Park.


  • Dog off-leash area near this path
  • Drinking fountain
  • Playground
  • Public toilet

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