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Seasonal booking applications for sports facilities

Seasonal bookings repeat over the seasonal period, generally on a weekly basis.

Seasonal booking applications

Applications for the 2024 winter season opens on Monday 18 December 2023 and closes on Sunday 4 February 2024. We will start to notify applicants by Monday 18 March 2024.

Bookings over autumn and winter

Autumn field renovations timeframe

We will renovate the fields between mid-February and the end of April 2024. This includes field layout changes and maintenance.

Summer football, touch, tag, American football and lacrosse - fields close on Sunday 3 March 2024 to start autumn renovations and maintenance.

Cricket, softball and baseball - fields close on Sunday 24 March to start autumn renovations and maintenance.

Winter season competition and training

Sports fields will be available for training and competition bookings for the winter sporting codes between Saturday 6 April and Sunday 1 September 2024.

Use the casual booking form to request pre-season training and competition play. The seasonal training application is separate. Requests will be approved at the discretion of our senior maintenance delivery team.

We will process allocations in line with our priority application and allocation system. Winter allocations and competition use have priority over summer pre-season training and games.

Read about how we prioritise sports field applications.

How to apply for seasonal bookings of sports facilities

To make sure we can confirm your booking in time, apply at least five working days in advance.

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