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Change or cancel an accommodation booking in a regional park

How to change a booking

To change an accommodation booking, you can log into your customer account or call 09 366 2000, option 1.

Changes to your booking must be done by noon on the day before your booking date.

Fees for changing a booking

Free changes to your booking

You can change an accommodation booking once, free of charge, as long as it is done:

  • for lodges, at least eight weeks before booked dates
  • for campgrounds, baches, and other bookable sites, at least two weeks before the booked dates.

No changes can be made after noon on the day before your booking.

Charges for changing your booking

For chargeable changes to bookings, we charge an administration fee which is 20 per cent of the full value of your booking.

Cancel your booking

How to cancel a booking

You need to notify us if you want to cancel a booking.

Log into your customer account or call 09 366 2000, option 1.

You may be eligible for a partial refund

We do not offer refunds for camping passes or vouchers.

You will get a partial refund if you cancel with:

  • eight weeks' notice for lodges
  • at least two weeks' notice for campground, baches, and other bookable sites.

You will only get this refund if:

  • you don't have outstanding balances owing - we reserve the right to retain funds to cover outstanding balances
  • you are the person who made the booking, or if your credit card was used for the booking.

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