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Mahere o Three Kings

Three Kings Plan

The Three Kings Plan provides a framework to support growth and development in the local board area over the next 30 years.

Local community's contribution to the Three Kings Plan

The community, mana whenua representatives and key stakeholders have helped shape and prioritise the Three Kings Plan.

Key moves

The plan identifies the biggest opportunities for change for the Three Kings area over the next 30 years, and five key moves:

  • restore the mana of Te Tātua o Riu-ki-uta/Big King, and enhance public open spaces
  • revitalise the Three Kings Town Centre
  • encourage high quality residential development
  • improve connections between people and places
  • develop a sense of local character and identity around Te Tātua o Riu-ki-uta/Big King.

The five key moves align with the overarching Auckland Plan.

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Progress on delivering the Three Kings Plan

The plan is a 30-year strategic document with a range of short- and long-term goals.

Since the plan was adopted in 2014, the local board has made good progress:

  • We continue to establish good relationships and better partnerships with Māori. In 2018, we signed an agreement with Ngāti Tamaoho to formalise our working relationship, and we are working with iwi on projects like restoring Te Auaunga Awa / Oakley Creek.
  • We celebrated Puketāpapa's heritage with signage and a heritage trail.
  • There have been recent improvements to the bus facilities on the corner of Mt Eden and Mt Albert roads, and a zebra crossing installed over Mt Albert Road so pedestrians can better access the shopping centre.
  • The Te Tātua a Riukiuta Three Kings Heritage study was completed.
  • We reviewed the need for and provision of community-leased spaces in the area, and we are following up with an investigation on how to optimise leasing agreements to support the community.

We are still working on a number of actions, including:

  • working with surrounding property owners to provide for future land configuration and development around Three Kings
  • incorporating signage and lighting improvements into town centre planning in 2019
  • improving pedestrian connections.

Encouraging high quality residential development is a key move.

Puketāpapa Local Board is pleased to see new homes constructed on Mt Eden road, well served by public transport. This is the first phase of the quarry's transformation.

Once completed, the residential development will be integrated with Three Kings town centre, with a new sportsfield, roads and pedestrian connections.

Puketāpapa Local Board will be working with other local boards and central government on what the Auckland Housing Programme will mean for Puketāpapa, including Three Kings.

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