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Auckland Council

The Auckland Plan

​The purpose of the Auckland Plan

The Auckland Plan will guide Auckland's future over the next 30 years and tackle:

  • reducing transport and housing shortages
  • giving children and young people a better start
  • creating more jobs
  • protecting the environment.

The Auckland Plan in action

The City Rail Link (CRL) will link to the existing rail system to support economic and population growth.

The Unitary Plan will be the rulebook that shapes the way Auckland grows.

The Southern Initiative will focus on South Auckland.

Tāmaki Transformation will transform Tāmaki (including Glen Innes, Point England and Panmure) over the next 20 to 25 years.

The Auckland Plan implementation updates

For annual implementation updates and monitoring reports, email the Auckland Plan team.

The Auckland Plan is supported by:

Translations of the Auckland Plan summary booklet

​Corrections of the printed version of the Auckland Plan

Minor errors/omissions that came to light after the final version of the Auckland Plan was printed have been corrected in this online version.

Regard this online version as the most recent for reference purposes.

​Download the Auckland Plan

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