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Mahere Tāmaki Makaurau

The Auckland Plan

Auckland Plan 2050

The Auckland Plan 2050 sets the direction for how Auckland will grow and develop over the next 30 years. It responds to the key challenges we face today – high population growth, sharing prosperity among all Aucklanders, and reducing environmental damage.

To address these challenges, the plan identifies six outcomes that will deliver a better Auckland:

  • Belonging and Participation
  • Māori Identity and Wellbeing
  • Homes and Places
  • Transport and Access
  • Environment and Cultural Heritage
  • Opportunity and Prosperity.

The Development Strategy describes how and where growth can occur over the next 30 years to achieve those outcomes, guiding critical investment in planning and infrastructure.

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Implementing the Auckland Plan 2050

The Auckland Plan has been developed by Aucklanders, for Auckland. Auckland has a shared responsibility for implementing it through the investment and action of:

  • central and local government
  • mana whenua
  • the private sector
  • institutions and non-government organisations
  • Auckland's communities.

We must work together and innovate, try new approaches, experiment and do things differently to bring about transformational change.

The Auckland Plan 2050 is supported by other strategies and action plans that provide detail on how the outcomes set out in the Auckland Plan can be delivered.

Monitoring progress

The Auckland Plan 2050 monitoring framework measures progress towards the strategic direction set out in the Auckland Plan 2050.

The framework includes 33 measures that are aligned to the six Auckland Plan 2050 outcomes and the feasible development capacity target for housing as required by the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (NPSUDC).

A 'scorecard' will be prepared once a year. This will provide a snapshot of progress against the outcomes.

A progress report will be prepared every three years. This report will supplement the annual scorecards. It will provide a more detailed analysis of the trends for each measure.

Auckland Plan 2012

The Auckland Plan 2050 supersedes the previous Auckland Plan (2012).