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Te Rautaki o ngā Hapori Taurikura o Ngā Hapori Momoho

Thriving Communities Strategy Ngā Hapori Momoho

The Thriving Communities Strategy provides a platform for us to work together with Auckland’s diverse communities in new and more sustainable ways.

About the Thriving Communities Strategy

The Thriving Communities Strategy Ngā Hapori Momoho responds to the three most significant challenges facing our community.

These are:

  • growing wealth and income inequality, which makes it difficult for some whānau to thrive
  • the speed and amount of growth and social change, which could make our community feel disconnected
  • our changing climate, which will make outcomes worse for those communities already struggling.

The strategy sets out the things we need to focus on over the next 10 years, to ensure all our communities can thrive, now and into the future.

Thriving Communities outcomes

We hope that all Aucklanders will experience:

  • manaakitanga - the essentials of a good life, with the ability to fulfil their potential
  • whanaungatanga - connectedness to other people and a feeling of belonging
  • kotahitanga - participation in our community, while taking action to meet common goals
  • kaitiakitanga - connectedness to the natural environment.

Thriving Communities objectives

These outcomes will be achieved by:

  • increasing financial security so more Aucklanders can live well
  • improving health outcomes so more Aucklanders are happy and healthy
  • increasing access and participation so more Aucklanders can access and take part in the things they care about
  • growing community and intercultural connection so all Aucklanders feel as though they belong
  • enabling local leadership and innovation so we can harness the power and creativity of community
  • increasing community resilience and sustainability so Aucklanders can make the best use of the resources available to them, whilst reducing emissions.

This strategy replaces the Ngā Hapori Momoho | Thriving Communities Action Plan adopted in 2014.

Get a copy of the Thriving Communities strategy document

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