Ngā wāhi hei āta titiro mō te Mate Kowheori 19

COVID-19 areas of focus

​The economic circuit breaker

COVID-19 has caused widespread disruption to our economy. However, this economic circuit breaker also provides an opportunity to stimulate the transition to a more resilient economy, one that is more regenerative, distributive and low emissions.

Embedding principles such as equity, a just transition and focussing on retraining and upskilling individuals will help build economic resilience to the climate-impacted future that we face.

Different ways of working

COVID-19 has highlighted the opportunity of remote working and tested systems to support a new way of working.

Many Aucklanders may not need to, or want to, stay at home every day of the week after the lockdown. But if people can work remotely and stay local more often, this will help to lower congestion, reduce transport emissions and create better places for living.

Building of community resilience

COVID-19 has shown us the importance of strong social networks in times of crisis and transition.

We can learn from our collective experiences to ensure Aucklanders are more resilient to the next shocks that hit our communities and our economy.

Understanding the support networks, mechanisms and interventions that have been most successful in preparing and supporting our communities will build greater community resilience to these shocks.

COVID-19 has highlighted inequalities in the standard of Auckland’s built environment. Aucklanders’ access to a healthy, thriving, natural environment is a critical driver of our personal and community wellbeing.