Te mahi ngātahi

Taking action together

To meet our climate goals, we need to act together

We will deliver on this plan and our regional climate commitments through individual action, collective action, and partnerships.

Auckland Council group

We need the Auckland Council group to:

  • ensure our regional systems support and drive the transition
  • advocate for change
  • work in partnership across sectors
  • support communities and civil society in progressing climate action
  • demonstrate leadership within its own operations and activities
  • partner with mana whenua to ensure mātauranga Māori underpins our climate response.

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Central government

We need central government to:

  • set the national level context and put in place regulatory and policy drivers, to shape a just transition to a carbon neutral and climate resilient future
  • invest in key areas
  • provide national guidance to support the regulation and policy requirements.

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Mana whenua

We need mana whenua to:

  • guide and support the ongoing development and implementation of this plan
  • continue to support and advocate for the wellbeing of Tāmaki Makaurau, its whole living systems, whenua, wai, marae and whānau.

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Local boards

We need local boards to:

  • work with communities to understand their priorities and deliver climate action
  • lead initiatives that build community resilience and reduce emissions in their communities
  • advocate for local facilities to have low carbon footprints
  • advocate for climate resilience and emissions reduction
  • foster strong local partnerships with mana whenua and Māori communities.


We need businesses to:

  • reduce emissions and prepare for the impacts of natural hazards and climate change
  • lead innovation and partnering in adapting to climate change
  • reduce emissions and find ways to transition to low carbon, regenerative business practices
  • help staff transition to low carbon lifestyles
  • influence up and down value chains.

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Individuals and communities

We need individuals and communities to:

  • reduce emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change
  • support and drive the transition to net zero emissions
  • work together to understand and prepare for the changes we face from climate change
  • support each other
  • speak up.

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Young people and rangatahi Māori

We need young people and rangatahi Māori to:

  • lead the change
  • reduce emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change
  • form an intergenerational collective and act as a channel between the council and stakeholders
  • challenge and give their voices in decision making.

Civil society and NGOs

We need civil society and NGOs to:

  • hold the partners to account
  • support and deliver individual and community-led action.

Research institutions and academia

We need research institutions and academia to:

  • provide thought leadership and research
  • fill gaps in our understanding
  • provide impartial assessments of the impact of action
  • innovate in the development of new technologies and approaches.

C40 Cities

We need C40 Cities to:

  • continue to provide international thought leadership and resources to ensure we all learn from each other in delivering climate action
  • provide continued advice, support, and challenge as we implement our plan
  • provide opportunities for Auckland to continue to inform and influence internationally.

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