Te wāhi ki ngā tāngata takitahi

Role of individuals

​Together Aucklanders’ daily decisions and actions along with new policy, infrastructure, products, services and technology can help move us towards a more sustainable future.

Taking personal action to decrease emissions, as well as making your whānau more resilient to climate impacts will increase wellbeing and mean a better future for all.

Our actions also signal to other Aucklanders, decision makers and businesses that we take climate change seriously and we all need to invest in mitigating and preparing for climate change.

Carbon footprint

Aucklanders must reduce their carbon footprint for our city to meet its emission targets. This means we all need to act now.

We must change how each of us lives and the choices we all make, including:

  • how we travel
  • the energy we use
  • what we buy
  • the waste we create
  • how we eat.

Rethinking our lifestyles now by using low carbon services, infrastructure and products that are already available will help us transition to low carbon lifestyles. Find out what you can do.

The sooner we transition to a carbon neutral Auckland, the easier it is and the more equitable it will be.

People at a food market.

Together Aucklanders’ daily decisions and actions can help move us towards a more sustainable future

Prepare for change

Aucklanders also need to get ready for adverse climate impacts, such as more storms, flooding, and heatwaves.

Transitioning to a carbon neutral Auckland can buffer against these adverse climate impacts and make us resilient.

Our Communities and coast priority defines the actions we will collectively undertake to help Aucklanders reduce their carbon footprint and become more resilient.