Hei mahi māu

What you can do

Our actions directly contribute to reducing Auckland’s carbon emissions. You can personally make a difference even though climate change can sometimes feel overwhelming.

​By changing individual habits, taking small steps and some not so small, at home and in our community, Aucklanders’ collective actions help reduce can reduce carbon emissions, build resilience, and support healthier lifestyles.

Several communities and local groups are beginning to develop their own plans in response to climate change. Check with your local board to see if there is a climate action plan and/or climate resilience plan for your community.

A diagram with the different action themes from Live lightly that include, eat, grow, move, shop, energy and talk.

Reduce the impacts of climate change

Together Aucklanders’ daily decisions and actions can move us towards a sustainable future. By taking personal action we can decrease our consumer emissions that contribute to climate change and lessen our impact on the planet.

Find out your own carbon footprint and get customised tips to reduce it at FutureFit.

We have researched and narrowed down the many everyday choices Aucklanders face. We offer a range of easy and more challenging things you can do at home to make positive change with a significant impact.

Eat – Reduce food waste, eat more plant-based meals, and eat locally and seasonally

Shop – Think before you buy to make your buying power count.

Move – Use your car less and reduce the impact of your flights.

Power – Insulate your home and use hot water and appliances efficiently.

Grow – Plant and garden at home and in your community.

Talk – Start a conversation about your lifestyle choices and how you are taking climate action with your whānau, friends, neighbours, and local politicians and get involved in local events, marches, petitions, and workshops.

It is not about being perfect – it is about being healthier, making savings and playing your part to make our shared effort count.

For more information, resources, and stories of change, see Live Lightly.

Be prepared for the impact of climate change

We need to be prepared for local impacts that we know are likely to happen in our area, as well as being resilient to our changing climate and how that might affect our lifestyle over the next 20 years.

Making sure we know how our local climate changing and how it may affect us and our homes in the near future is important. We must check and plan for how things like flooding, hotter days, erosion, as well as water and power shortages will affect us.

Being prepared will mean we are less vulnerable to health issues, sickness, or property damage in the future. It is important that we look out for the wellbeing of our families and homes.

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