Natural environment:

Te whakatupu i ō tātou ngahere tuawhenua, tāone hoki

Grow our rural and urban ngahere (forest)

​Action area N2: Grow and protect our rural and urban ngahere (forest) to maximise carbon capture and build resilience to climate change

We need to follow the principles of knowing the benefits of trees in the Auckland region, growing the right tree in the right place and protecting existing trees.

Trees growing in an urban area.

Te Pumanawa Square, Westgate

These principles have been developed and endorsed through our Urban Ngahere Strategy:

  • Undertake and support research to improve understanding of the multiple benefits of trees in the Auckland region, incorporating mātauranga Māori and indicators of mauri.
  • Increase indigenous tree plantings in road corridors, parks and open spaces.
  • Provide support, guidance and advice for landowners to undertake ecological restoration and tree planting on private land and establish mechanisms to track these.
  • Use research and technology, in partnership with iwi and communities, to identify priority areas for future planting that achieves multiple outcomes.
  • Build the capacity and capability of existing marae and community nurseries and conservation / planting groups through assistance, advice, and training programmes.
  • Protect important trees through improved planning regulations and ensure publicly managed trees are not removed without clear justification.