Natural environment:

Te whakatairanga ake i ngā tikanga tiaki toitū i te whenua

Promote sustainable land management practices

​Action area N5: Advocate for land use practices that deliver healthy, resilient soils, waterways and ecosystems

  • Support rural Aucklanders to manage land in ways that grow resilience to climate change and enhance mauri, support biodiversity and health of waterways.
  • Establish land management actions that will create green infrastructure to benefit farmers, land managers and the wider region (e.g. planting trees, riparian fencing and planting, protecting and restoring wetlands).
  • Trial soil quality enrichment practices to enhance plant growth and carbon sequestration.

Torpedo Bay and Takarunga / Mount Victoria, Devonport with Auckland city in the background.

Torpedo Bay and Takarunga / Mount Victoria, Devonport