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Ngā mahere whakahaere i ngā pāka ā-rohe

Local park management plans

Help us make good decisions about how parks are used and protected.

Why we are creating local park management plans

We are creating a local park management plan for each local board area of Auckland.

These local park management plans will:

  • help the local board make good decisions about how local parks are used and protected
  • address what needs to be considered when developing and enhancing our parks through community and mana whenua engagement
  • reflect the local community’s needs and aspirations for local parks.

Eventually, all of Auckland's 21 local boards will have a local park management plan.

How we are creating the plans

To develop the plans, we will be using the statutory consultation process under the Reserves Act 1977.

We need your help to understand how you use parks and to identify any issues.

You will be able to have your say on what you want to see in the parks in a local board area.

There will be two consultations on each local park management plan:

  • before we create the draft local park management plan, and
  • once the draft management plan is created.

In progress plans

These are the local park management plans which are currently in progress. We will update this page as more are developed, so you can track the status of your local park management plan.

Early investigation into the plans

These local boards want to create a management plan for local parks in their area. This phase involves collecting relevant information about the parks and open spaces that will be included in the plan.

  • Waitākere Ranges Local Park Management Plan
  • Waitematā Local Park Management Plan

Public notification of the plans

The local board has approved notifying the public of its intention to prepare a draft management plan.

The public are now invited to submit their ideas to help draft the plan.

Submissions will be reviewed once the public notification period ends and a report will be presented to the local board.

Draft plans in development

We are now engaging with key stakeholders, local board members and mana whenua to draft these plans.

Public submissions on the draft plan are now open

Submissions on the plan are now open for a two-month period as required by the Reserves Act 1977. If you want to speak to your submission at a hearing, let us know.

  • No plans are currently at this phase of the process.

Plan submissions closed – submission analysis pending

Public consultation on the draft plan has closed and submissions are now being reviewed. A report will be presented to the hearings panel which summarises the written submissions received.

  • No plans are currently at this phase of the process.

Hearing scheduled

A hearing, to be run by an independent hearings panel, has been scheduled.

If you indicate an intention to speak to your submission at the hearing before the required date, you can present to the panel.

  • No plans are currently at this phase of the process.

Plan amendments following the hearing

The hearings panel is now meeting to discuss written and oral submissions. It will prepare a report for the local board with recommendations on amendments to the final plan.

Draft plan will soon be recommended for adoption

The hearings panel has prepared a report for the local board which includes recommended amendments to the local parks management plan.

The local board will consider this report and ask for further changes to be made before it is published.

Adopted plans

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