Building and structures

Buildings and additions.

Alterations and new buildings

Information on new buildings including alterations and additions.



A dam should be designed, constructed and maintained in a way that ensures the safety of people and property throughout its life.

Fences, decks and retaining walls.

Fences, decks and retaining walls

Rules for outdoor structures vary depending on the applicable district plan.

Moving a building

If you want to relocate a building, you will potentially need three different approvals.

Pools and spas.

Pools and spas

Information on installing a pool or spa, including fencing restrictions.



Projects involving recladding are likely to come under closer inspection than other building or resource consent applications.

Maintaining your septic tank.

Septic tanks

Information on installing or altering a septic tank.

Solar panels.

Solar panels

Solar (photovoltaic) panels generally don't require building consent, but you may require resource consent.

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