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Apply for a building consent

You should know

myAUCKLAND files will launch on Wednesday 29 March 2023. Watch our ‘How to’ video and read our myAUCKLAND files help page to learn how to upload your building consent application files.
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OUTAGE – The Building Consent application form will be temporarily unavailable from 6pm on Wednesday 29 March 2023 for updates.

​How to apply for a building consent

Applying online will be faster and you will be able to track the processing of your consent online. You will also save money as you will not need to supply printed plans.

We can process your application faster if you submit a good quality application. Read how to prepare a quality building consent application.

Deposits must be paid at the time of application.

When applying online, you can pay by credit card, Online EFTPOS or Account2Account.

A card payment fee of 1.75 per cent applies for credit and debit card payments.

Our tip

For some common building projects we offer specific guidance and online application forms to make applying easier. Check building and renovation projects to see if your project is included.


Complete the relevant lodgement checklist and upload it with your application online. There is also a form to complete if you intend to provide producer statements during the construction phase of your project.

Before you apply check the document naming standards for building consent online applications.

Apply now

We only accept online applications for building consents. If you are unable to apply digitally, visit one of our service centres for assistance in making your online application.

If there is no way to provide digital copies of your plans or documents, visit one of our service centres. Our staff will accept your documents for an additional charge. The charge covers costs involved with us scanning your documents into our digital building consent system.

Call us on 09 301 0101 to speak with our building and planning help desk if you have questions regarding your application.

If you get stuck, consult the online application guide PDF.

Deposit fee calculator

If you are applying for a building or resource consent, use the building and resource consent deposit calculator to find out how much your deposit will be.​

Application fees* for building consents

* Fees are indicative pricing only

Read fee table.
DescriptionFixed fee (non-refundable, no additional charges)Inspection deposit (portion of deposit charged for inspection)Total
Project value up to $4,999 $790$348$1138
Read fee table.
Description Processing deposit (portion of deposit charged for processing) Inspection deposit (portion of deposit charged for inspection) Total deposit
Project value $1,000,000 and over $7200$2970$10170
Project value $5,000 to $19,999 $1200$696$1896
Project value $20,000 to $99,999 $2000$870$2870
Project value $100,000 to $499,999 $3200$1782$4982
Project value $500,000 - $999,999$5000$2376$7376

What happens next

It can take us up to 20 working days to assess your building consent application.

Your allocated service manager will contact you if we need more information - see How we assess your building consent application.

If you have lodged your consent online, you can access and track:

  • resource consents
  • building consents
  • required inspections
  • advice notes and conditions
  • code compliance certificate applications
  • licensing applications.

We will also let you know the outcome of your application by email and post.

You need to pay all outstanding fees before we can issue your consent.

Building a dam

For information about building consent for a dam, visit the Waikato Regional Council website.

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Find your invoice online

You can now view your final invoice on myAUCKLAND. Go to the Actions menu of the specific consent and then select View invoices and payments.

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