Transforming consenting

Auckland Council is improving the consenting journey  for all customers and shifting the consenting process online.

We have been working on creating an easier, faster and more consistent consenting experience that is tailored for the scale and complexity of your projects.

What we have done so far

  • Introduced new online application forms that will eventually  replace all older PDF-style forms
  • lodge building and resource consents online
  • apply for code compliance certificates and upload information as you get it
  • request pre-application guidance
  • customers can create a single log-in account to apply for a resource consent or apply for a building consent
  • developed a new online tool so you can check if you need a consent for simple projects (sleep-outs, decks, garages, garden sheds and carport).
  • developed an online deposit calculator that gives an estimate of the deposit required when an application is submitted.

Coming soon

More improvements are scheduled this year, including:

  • additional online application forms
  • additional online tools to help you understand if a consent is needed for other building projects
  • an improved website with clearer, more user-friendly information
  • a dashboard for customers to view their consents and receive status updates.

Your feedback helps us to improve our website. If you have feedback about our services (not the website), please contact us.