Bylaws are rules made by council that affect the way we live, work and play in certain areas. Find out which bylaws are under review and how you can have your say.

Dogs and other animals.

Dogs and other animals

Keeping and caring for animals, including registration, exercise areas and animal control.

Grafitti managment.


We manage graffiti removal and prevention in your local area and run a range of initiatives to reduce tagging. Find out about graffiti management in your area.

Water regulations

Maritime regulations

Find out about water regulations including information for your jetskis and personal watercraft, and harbour rules and regulations.

Food regulation and safety.


Find out about food grades, inspections and safety for premises for the manufacture, preparation, storage or sale of food.

Noise control

Noise control

We take noise complaints seriously. Find out how to make a noise complaint, and what to do if a complaint is made about you.

Health licences.

Health licences

Hairdressers, tattooists, nail salons, gyms and similar businesses need health licences. Find out what you need and how to obtain a health licence.



Check the rules around the size and types of signs you can erect outside your home or business, including billboards, posters, and sandwich boards.

Street Performance

Street performance and busking

Street performance and busking: If you are planning to busk or set-up a street performance you will need to get a licence from us first.

Rural fires

Rural fires

About fire seasons, how to apply for a fire permit, fires in public places and urban areas including cooking and heating outdoors, and the Rural Fire Plan.

Street Trading

Street trading

If you are selling goods or services in a public place you will need to talk to us about a street trading licence.

Health licence fees.

Licence and registration fees

Find out how much it costs to register or licence your premises.