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Renew registration for your dog

Whakahōutia te rēhita o tō kurī

You should know

The dog registration office will be closed from 21 December 2018 to 7 January 2019.
You can still submit your registrations at one of our animal shelters during this period (excluding Christmas Day).

What you need to renew registration for your dog

You need your dog’s registration reference number. You can find this number in your text or email reminder or by using our Find your dog's reference number.

Let us know if your details have changed

How to renew registration online

Renew now

Our tip

Take advantage of our early payment discount - your fee will be lower if you pay before 1 August 2019.

​Enter your reference number to see your fee or go to our dog registration fee calculator.

You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or Account2Account (bank transfer). An online convenience fee of 1.75 per cent will apply if you pay by credit card. 


What happens next

We will send you a new dog tag within 10 working days of receiving payment.

If you would like to change your tag preference, haven't received your dog tag within 10 working days, or have a dog registration enquiry, then contact us.



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