Licences and regulations

Street performance and busking

Street performers and buskers bring life and a colourful slice of creative expression to our city streets and commercial districts. If you are planning to busk or set up a street performance, you will need to get a licence from us first.


Apply for a street performance licence

To perform in the Auckland City area, including the CBD

Standard licencing process

To get a standard Street Performance Licence in the Auckland City area, you will need to agree to follow our Code of conduct for street performers.
Licences are available from our City Watch Officers who patrol the CBD during the day and night. You can also make an application at our service centre at 35 Graham Street in the CBD during office hours.

To help us process your application, you will need to complete one of our application forms, and bring proof of identity (e.g. drivers licence, student ID or passport). If you are younger than 14 years, you will also need consent from your parents.

You do not need to pay for a Street Performance Licence but once you have it, you will need to display the licence in a prominent and highly visible place where you are performing and at all times follow the Code of conduct for street performers.
Street Performance Licences are valid for twelve months. After that time you will need to reapply for a new licence. If you misplace your licence or it is damaged, we do charge a fee for a replacement copy. 

Licences for performances that involve dangerous materials, objects or animals

If your performance includes dangerous materials, objects or animals, you will need to apply for a Special Street Performance Permit. These are free and valid for four months. The same application process and Code of conduct for street performers applies as for the standard licence but Special Street Performance Permits are only issued to individuals and not groups. We will also review your understanding of safety principles for our health and safety assessment of your planned performance.


To perform in all other areas of the Auckland region

To find out more about street performance licences in other parts of the Auckland region, please contact us.

Losing your licence

If you do not keep to our Code of conduct for street performers we may withdraw your Street Performers Licence. This means you will not be able to busk or perform and you will not be able to reapply for at least one year.

Liability for street performers and buskers

Street performers are responsible for all claims made against them for personal injury or property damage. Street performers are not protected by Auckland Council’s public liability insurance and are encouraged to hold their own public liability insurance.

Complaints about street performers and buskers

If you would like to make a complaint about a street performance or busker, please contact us.