Street trading and performance

Outdoor display of goods

Using the footpath outside your business can be a great way to show customers the kinds of products you offer inside your store.

You don't need a licence to use the footpath outside your business to display your goods. However, this is public space so you must make sure that your display meets this criteria.

These specifications have been created to ensure that pedestrian access and public safety is not compromised.

Your outdoor display must:

  • be relevant to the goods or services sold within the shop
  • be presented in a neat and tidy manner, free from litter and objects that could fall or be blown into the path of pedestrians or traffic
  • be a maximum width of 600mm from the shop frontage and must always maintain a min. of 1.8m of unobstructed footpath
  • not be within 5m of an intersection or 2m of a pedestrian crossing
  • not cover more than 50% of the shop frontage
  • no sharp edges or protruding objects that could injure
    the public
  • no display of knives, firearms or dangerous/ offensive
  • not be a point of sale, all items must be purchased
    inside the premises
  • not use voice, music, amplified sound or any other material to attract customers
  • be removed from the public space outside of business hours
  • hanging goods must have a minimum of 2.5m clearance from the footpath.

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