Street trading and performance

Do I need a street trading licence?

If you are entertaining, promoting or trading in a public place, chances are that you will need a street trading licence.

What is a public place?

A public place is any place that is owned, managed or maintained by Auckland Council or a council controlled organisation and is open to use by the public.

Public space includes roads, footpaths, public squares, grass verges, public gardens, reserves, parks, beaches, wharves, access ways and sports fields.

Activities that need a street trading licence

If you want to do any of the following things on public land, you will need a street trading licence:

Activities that need additional permission as well as a street trading licence

Activities that do not need a street trading licence

You don't need our permission to:

  • trade from private property
  • sell goods door to door.

You can also display your goods outside your shop without a licence, but you must follow our outdoor display guidelines.

For some activities in parks, you don't need a street trading permit, but you do need landowner approval. See commercial activity in parks.   

To operate a stall at an existing market, you need the market organiser's permission, but not a street trading licence. You may need to apply for food registration if you are selling food or drink at that stall.

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