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(a)Automatic sprinkler systems or other automatic systems for fire protection
(b)Automatic doors, which form part of any fire wall & which are designed to close shut & remain shut on an alarm of fire. ( The fire alarm interface that activates auto HOD fire/smoke doors and/or windows)
(c)Emergency warning systems for fire or other dangers
(d)Emergency lighting systems
(e)Escape route pressurisation systems
(f)Riser mains for fire service use
(g)Automatic back-flow preventers connected to a potable water supply
(h)Lifts, escalators, or travelators or other similar systems
(i)Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems serving all or a major part of a building.
(j)Any other mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, or electronic system whose proper operation is necessary for compliance with the Building Code (Automatic Pneumatic Smoke Ventilators, Smoke Detector Controlled Roller Shutter Doors, fusible Linked Sliding Fire
(k)Building maintenance units that are used for providing access to the exterior and interior walls of buildings
(l)Such signs required by the Building Code in respect of the above mentioned systems
(m)Means of escape from fire
(n)Safety Barriers
(o)Means of access and facilities for use by persons with disabilities
(p)Hand-Held Hose Reels for fire fighting
(q)Such signs as are required in respect of the (q) systems specified in above, and systems & features in (m) to (p) above
SS1Automatic systems for fire suppression
SS1/1Automatic sprinkler systems
SS1/2Gas foam flood, deluge system, dry + wet fire extinguishing system
SS2Automatic or manual emergency warning systems
SS2/1Automatic or manual fire alarm systems
SS2/2Automatic gas leak detection systems for the detection and measurement of combustible gases
SS3/1Automatic doors or windows
SS3/2Access Controlled doors
SS3/3Interfaced fire or smoke doors or windows
SS4Emergency lighting systems
SS5Escape route pressurisation systems
SS6Riser Mains
SS7Automatic back-flow preventers
SS8/1Passenger carrying lifts
SS8/2Platform, low-speed and service lifts
SS8/3Escalators and moving walks
SS9Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems
SS10Building maintenance units
SS11Laboratory fume cupboards
SS12/1Audio loops
SS12/2FM radio-frequency systems and infrared beam transmission systems
SS13/1Mechanical smoke control
SS13/2Natural smoke control
SS13/3Smoke Curtains
SS14/1Emergency power systems
SS14/2Signs relating to a system or feature specified in any of 1 to 13 and 16
SS15(a)System for communicating spoken information to facilitate evacuation
SS15(b)Final exits
SS15(c)Fire Separation
SS15(d)Signs for communicating information to facilitate evacuation
SS15(e)Smoke Separation
SS16Cable Cars
SS30Safety Barriers
SS31Means of access and facilities for use by persons with disabilities
SS32Hand held hose reels
SS33Any signs that are required by the building code or by section 120 of the Building Act 2004

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