Building consent

Processing and inspections

We aim to process building consent applications within 20 working days.

On this page you'll find information about:

Processing and approving your application

It may take us longer than 20 working days to process your application if we need to get more information.

If your application is unclear, the clock stops until you provide us with the information we need.

Make sure your application is as detailed as possible and includes all the information we ask for.

Our pre-application advice service can help you make sure your application has all the information we need.

If we are satisfied that the consent meets all of the required criteria, we will grant and issue the consent and/or PIM to you or someone nominated by you.

You can then come to collect your building consent and pay all outstanding processing charges.

If you are not able to show that your proposed building work will meet the requirements of the Building Act and the Building Code, we may be unable to issue you with a building consent.

Tracking your application

Once you complete and send your building consent application to us, you can track its progress.

Depending on your property location, you can access a building consent, code compliance certificate application or view all building consents for a specific property online.


If you've applied online, you can track your application status through your dashboard:

Check the status of your application.

All other applications

To track your building consent application for all other areas, please contact us.

Building consent conditions

Time conditions

From the date your consent was issued (the day it was ready to be picked up), you have 12 months to start your work, and 24 months to complete your work and apply for your Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).

If you have not started the work or we have not done any inspections within 12 months of issuing your consent, we will send you a letter asking if you intend to proceed.

If you want to proceed but need more time, you may apply for an extension of time (fees apply).

We have the discretion to grant an extension of time or not after reviewing the building consent file. The decision will depend on whether there have been any changes to the Building Code.

The extension can be for a maximum 12 months, and no further extensions are allowed. You must apply for your extension before the consent has lapsed.

If we don't hear from you or we decline your application for extension to start the project, the consent will lapse and you will need to apply for a new building consent before you can carry out any work on your project.

To apply for an extension of time, download, complete and return the application for an extension of time form (PDF 106KB).

Consent documentation

During the construction of your project, you must follow and adhere to specific requirements indicated in the building consent.

You and your contractors should read the building consent documentation and be clear about the requirements.

The documentation will contain:

  • a list of required inspections during the building process
  • a list of producer statements (if applicable) required from specialists (typically engineering disciplines).

The identified specialists will need to provide documentation of the inspections they undertake in support of their producer statement.

Other conditions may be imposed on the building consent to ensure compliance with certain requirements of the Building Act.


From 13 July 2015, customers who cancel on the day of inspection will be charged the full price. Only pool fencing inspections are exempt from the charge. 

At various stages during construction, you will need to arrange inspections to ensure the work complies with the conditions of the building consent.

Your building consent will list the inspections you need. The types of inspections are listed below.

You should have a clear timeline for your building work and book inspections well in advance to avoid delays on site.

There is a standard inspection fee which includes charges for:

  • preparation
  • system updating
  • travel time
  • review of associated documents.

If an inspection takes longer than 45 minutes, additional charges may apply. For the standard building inspection fee, see our fee guide (PDF 291KB)

If the inspector is not satisfied that the work meets the requirements of the building consent, a re-inspection may be needed at additional cost.

For missed inspections, contact usto discuss other ways you may be able to prove compliance.

You can also fill in our inspections customer feedback form (PDF 66KB).

 The AC1239: Building inspections code of practice is under review and temporarily unavailable. 

Booking an inspection

Phone us on 09 301 0101 to book an inspection. Please have the following information handy:

  • address for inspection
  • type of inspection required
  • building consent number (this is a unique number given to each building consent) 
  • name and contact number of person who will be on site.

You can also book your building inspection from your smartphone by downloading our builders' app.

For final inspections, you will need to book three working days in advance. This gives us the opportunity to identify any issues that may need to be resolved and to identify what documentation will be required to accompany your application. In some areas the inspector may have a pre code compliance findings checklist available on the day of the final inspection.

For all other inspections we need at least 24 hours notice. If the inspection is to be the next working day, you need to call before 3pm.

You can book a Saturday inspection in some parts of the region.

Types of inspections

Click on the inspection type to display the description.

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