Building consent

Applying for building consent

Auckland Council is currently experiencing an unusually high number of applications for building consents and code compliance certificates (CCCs).

Due to the exceptionally large volumes, and recent changes to our systems, there may be delays with processing your request. We will endeavour to process your request as quickly as possible but this may not be within the usual timeframes. We appreciate your patience with any application during this busy time and will keep you updated on progress.

On this page you’ll find all the information you need to submit a building consent application. 

Preparing an application

Complete the application form

You can download a copy of the application form from our form search page, or pick one up from your local service centre.

We also have checklists and guidance documents available in our resources section.

You may like to talk to us before you submit your application to make sure it is complete. See pre-application advicefor more.

If you are not familiar with building plans and compliance with the building code, you may need to engage a design professional to supply the required drawings and information, and to apply for a building consent on your behalf.

You can also find useful information about applying for a building consent from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website.

Other approvals

Resource consents

Depending on the nature of your project, you may need to apply for a resource consent as well as a building consent.

A section 37 certificate will be attached to your project information memorandum or approved building consent, if a resource consent is also required.

Approval to build over public drains

You may also require Watercare approval (or, if you are in Papakura, Veolia Water approval) before you lodge your building application.

To view accepted work clearance distances and apply for a Watercare Works Over approval, please visit the Watercare website.

To apply for Veolia Water approval, please contact Veolia Water on 09 295 0515.

Submitting your application

In person or by post


We recommend you book a lodgement meeting when submitting your consent application in person. Refer to your chosen provider directly for contact details:

You need to indicate your chosen building consent processor on the Preferred provider form (PDF 47KB) when applying for a building consent.

All other areas

For consent applications in the Central, North Shore or Waitakere areas, we recommend booking a lodgement meeting. Call us on (09) 301 0101 to book.

If you live outside of these areas, or don't require a lodgement meeting, you can return your completed application forms (in person or by post) to one of the below service centres. If posting, please post to the service centre closest to where the building activity is taking place:

We are upgrading our online consent services to allow more customers across Auckland to submit applications online.

Customers need to submit applications in person or by post. We appreciate your understanding during this period.

For enquiries, email the online building consents project.

Project Information Memorandums (PIMs)

If you are considering carrying out building work and need information on any relevant special land features and regulatory requirements, you can order a Project Information Memorandum (PIM).

A PIM can help inform design requirements and reduce time and costs during the consent approval process.

A PIM is not an authorisation to commence work. You need to wait for the approval of your building consent before commencing any work on your project.

Multiple applications

Builders can get approval for standardised building designs, that are intended to be replicated several times, through the Department of Building and Housing’s MultiProof service.

You still need a building consent each time you want to build a design that has been issued with a MultiProof.

This is so that we can check that the approval conditions are met and that the site-specific features of the design (such as foundations) comply with the building code.

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