Building and structures

Moving a building

If you want to relocate a building, you will need a building consent, an over-dimensional load permit (issued by the NZ Transport Agency), and possibly a permit from Auckland Transport for a Non-Excavation Corridor Access Request (NECAR).

In some situations, you may also need a resource consent. For example, if your building is located in a special character area, or is subject to historic heritage protection.

To find out if your building falls into either of these categories, you should view the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan decisions version on the Auckland Unitary Plan. You may require a resource consent to move the building, and in some instances, consent may not be granted.

Confirming your building is suitable

To move a building, you first need to arrange a third party report from a qualified person to verify that the building is suitable for relocation.

The report should include information about:

  • the structural integrity of the building
  • how the building will be relocated
  • any remedial works that will be needed after relocation
  • presence of asbestos
  • any other requirements, such as fumigation.

You should also obtain a plan of the original site, including the location of buildings and trees. You can request this at one of our customer service centres.

Applying for approvals

If the building is suitable for moving, you can apply for a building consent.

Your building consent may be subject to the following conditions:

  • A building consent shall be taken out for the re-erection of the building.
  • All decayed timbers and other building materials and fittings, which are considered unsound, shall be removed and replaced with new material. Subfloor construction shall be upgraded to comply with the New Zealand building code.
  • The existing roof, including guttering and downpipes shall be checked and cleaned and as necessary replaced with new materials to ensure compete watertightness.
  • The complete subfloor of the building shall be flood spray treated with borer control chemicals to a standard recommended by a borer treatment company and a certificate issued, acceptable to the council. 
  • The exterior of the dwelling shall be renovated, where necessary, to the council’s satisfaction within six months of relocation

If you plan to move the building by road, you will need to apply for an overdimensional permit from the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Depending on the conditions of the permit, you may also need to lodge a Non-Excavation Corridor Access Request (NECAR) with Auckland Transport.

You should also contact us to check whether you need a resource consent. Any resource consents granted may include additional conditions to those in your building consent, and you may need to pay a bond to ensure you do what is asked.

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