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What is in a property file?

A property file provides documents not included in a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report, such as:

  • building and resource consent documents
  • any correspondence with us about the property.

A property file does not replace a LIM report and you should get it in addition to a LIM report.

The contents of the file depend on the work done on the property that we are aware of. If building work does not have a consent, it won't be in the file.
Our contact details are included in the property file, in case you have any questions.

You need to pay when you order a property file. See Land and property information fees and charges.

How to order a property file

Urgent and standard property files can be ordered online:

Urgent and standard property files can be ordered by courier or post:

Order by post

Property file product application form (PDF 45KB)

For more information on how to order property file products, contact us or visit your local service centre.

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