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Auckland Council

About our executive team

He Kōrero mō tō mātou tira kaiwhakahaere

Our chief executive

The Auckland Council organisation is led by the chief executive, who is appointed through the governing body. The chief executive works closely with elected members, particularly the mayor, the deputy mayor and committee chairs.

The chief executive also works closely with the chief executives of our council-controlled organisations (CCOs) to help ensure council group objectives are met.

Our executive team

The chief executive appoints the executive team (also referred to as the Executive Leadership team or ELT).

Together they are responsible for the council's operation and service delivery. They provide advice to the local boards and governing body and carry out their decisions.

Auckland Council consists of 29 departments, which fall under five operational divisions, each led by a member of the executive team:

  • the office of the chief executive (legal, communication and engagement, and transformation subdivisions)
  • governance
  • operations
  • finance
  • external strategy and planning.

Together all departments and units support and enable the council to achieve its objectives of promoting the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of Auckland, both now and for the future.


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