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Ā mātou mino

Our borrowings

We use borrowings to mainly invest in infrastructure assets.

How we manage borrowings and investments is contained in our Treasury Management Policy. More information is also available through our annual reports.

Our borrowings are sourced from the domestic market (either retail or wholesale), the Local Government Funding Agency and offshore markets.

We also fund via green bonds and we were the first New Zealand borrower to issue a green bond.

Property rates

Under the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002, we have flexible powers to set, access and collect property rates to fund our activities.

We have provided security over our property rates and rates revenue under a Debenture Trust Deed between us and Trustees Executors Limited as Trustee.

The benefit of the security granted under the Debenture Trust Deed has been given to certain investors and others, and it can be given to new investors.


Update for investors

Find out more about our funding approach and debt market activity.

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